Growing Vines on Our Garage

The side of our garage and entrance to the shed are pretty sad looking. Not only is there no door to the shed, but there are no windows on the garage either. This leaves for a very drab and unexciting first view of the property when you come up the hill. As I said yesterday, I planted raspberry and blackberry bushes on the side of the fence in the pasture, but that addition is still very far from the garage (check out these images from google maps).


The fence on the left is where we planted the berry bushes- you can see the distance to the garage.



Here you can see the left side of the garage…pretttttyyy, non? That side of the garage/shed only get morning light. I did some research and the following flowering vines work well in our “7” USDA growth area:

– Chocolate Vine

– Sweet Autumn Clematis

– Kiwi Vine/Rosy Crabapple kiwi

– Virgina Creeper

– Climbing Hydrangea

– Star Jasmine

– Chinese Wisteria

There’s a huge piece of metal fencing that I found in the shed, that I want to attach to the side of garage with hooks to act as an arbor for the vines to protect the wood siding. I would also love a pergola over the entrance of the shed to soften that area and add some interest.


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vine covered home3

182_7 (1)


crabapple kiwi Chinese wisteria2

Chinese wisteria

sweet autumn clematis3

sweet autumn clematis2 IMG_1010 8b15bdb5449037faddf682679375dc36 sweet autumn clematis


img_2857 Chocolate Vine