Antiquing in Upstate NY

One of my favorite things to do is hunt for amazing deals here in Rochester. We’re veerrrry lucky to have such an amazing selection of flea markets and vendors within driving distance. I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I find enticing when I go: This pine dresser was amazing. I actually went back the following week to buy this, but of course this was sold. I mean who wouldn’t want this.

2014-07-07 11.57.07

Super cute, mod mushroom bowl. Too pricy for me, but really cute.

2014-07-07 11.59.39

I’m a stickler for a raised brow in oil. I also thought the city scape below was really pretty!     2014-07-07 12.00.26

I LURVED this carved box. In fact, now that I see this again, I want to go back and get this.   2014-07-07 12.00.37

I actually bought this flower print. I know it’s not- but it reminds me of Hugo Guiness everytime I see it.     2014-07-07 12.01.52

I loved this for one of my bathrooms, but at the price they were asking, I could have bought that dresser.         2014-07-07 12.02.13

African mud cloth action.

2014-07-07 12.04.01

Acorn dresser- which I don’t really like, because I think they look like balls. Am I right?       2014-07-07 12.05.27

The mat and frame is all wrong, but that charcoal is allll right.

2014-07-07 12.06.21

I sort of liked the wood fruit.

2014-07-07 12.07.08

These corbels are AWESOME. And then I saw the price, and I said to myself, “not that awesome.”       2014-07-07 12.11.32

This is the part where my coffee kicks in and I just start touching things, and saying things like, “ooo stripes!”     2014-07-07 12.14.34

Cute stool, but my kids would break off that rattan one by one while I cried and watched.     2014-07-07 12.15.30

I couldn’t decide if I liked this poppy picture or not. I went back like 3 times. There was sometime too 70’s about it.             2014-07-07 12.16.30

It’s too hard to see, but the two framed sketch horse drawings are really cool and immaculately framed.       2014-07-07 12.17.00

I saw this wood object and thought it sort of reminds me of a clip board. Maybe I can drill clips, and we can keep our bills organized, maybe we can control the mass amounts of clutter that come into the house everyday…then I measured it and kept walking.

2014-07-07 12.19.24

I like free hand work…a lot.

2014-07-07 12.19.48

I liked this shelf. Then I thought that my mom has the same one in her bathroom. Then I thought am I my mother? Then I had a slight panic attack that the world is coming full circle.     2014-07-07 12.21.56

After I calmed down, I saw this and thought that I need hobbies like this. And legs and boobs like this.     2014-07-07 12.22.25

I want to serve condiments like this, but then what? Do you put this whole thing in the fridge? Confused       2014-07-07 12.25.11

This is my favorite vendor. His stuff is awesome, but I will never be able to afford it. I love that driftwood lamp.


2014-07-07 12.25.32


I wanted this table badly for my guest bathroom vanity. I would strip it- that paint job is horrendous, but the depth is perfect for a huge vessel sink with a antique brass wall mount faucet.


2014-07-07 12.27.37

Little Moroccan stool to sit next to my huge soaker tub that will NEVER get pulled out of storage.


2014-07-07 12.29.11

This is my favorite vendor for artwork. This was an awesome piece of the finger lakes.


2014-07-07 12.36.56

I saw this and I literally started crawling over his junk things to get to this rice paddle. I’m obsessed with rice paddles. They are super expensive, but so textually amazing. I have two tiny ones that I still need to hang in the guest room. I like to point at them and threaten the children- hehehehe.



2014-07-07 12.39.27

Kitchen counter stools that are sooo wide for people with huge asses like me…and in great condition, but only two. Why!? Why are there always only two.


2014-07-07 12.41.39

Saw this and thought of my mom who collects and hangs these in her kitchen- which I think is awesome.



2014-07-07 12.42.38


I love this table. I actually wish I could find it as a sofa table and that it had storage.


2014-07-07 12.44.54

Here’s the sad part- take a little tip from me to you- don’t EVER go to a new antique place where you don’t know what to expect when you are broke or in between pay periods EVER.

Because this sort of thing will always happen: these two headboards- no frame, but I’m assuming you could just use a standard twin frame….$100 PLUS 40% off for the both of them. GAH.




2014-07-07 14.15.12

Framed Russian guys



2014-07-07 14.15.18

Yoke- I love- hang it on a wall people, over a couch, a bed…awesome.



2014-07-07 14.15.26

Zinc letters



2014-07-07 14.15.52

This was sad as well…granted it did have a junk missing from the corner, which made me think maybe someone had pissed or died on the beds…$150 + %80 off….



2014-07-07 14.16.39

After that sort of rejection, I had enough and it was time to go home to enjoy the rest of my day off that looked like this:

2014-07-08 13.32.36

If it makes you feel any better- it ended up raining.





How to Recover a Stool

Look at me, I’m on a roll! Here’s a quick step by step on how to recover a stool.

Things You’ll Need:

– Staple Gun (I bought the ‘Heavy Duty’ on from Michaels, it came with staples, but I needed more because I messed up a lot)

– Fabric Glue

– Trim

– Fabric

– Scissors

– Stool



photo 3 (1)


(I bought this carved Lion Foot stool off Craigslist two years ago for $10. The fabric I bought from Goodwill for maybe $2.)

I measured the fabric to fall about an inch off the side of the stool. Choose a side that feels comfortable and lay the stool with that side facing up. TIP: push down on the stool sides and feel the construction underneath the existing fabric. You’ll be able to feel where there is wood, or a brace, or nothing at all. Obviously, staples won’t adhere to nothing, so you’ll know where to actually staple. I didn’t do this and just thought I would staple as close to the edge where the old fabric ended, but none of the staples would stick. I pressed down on the stool and realized that the structure didn’t have anything actually there. It was all a half cm above where I was stapling- which is why I stated I needed to buy my staples.

Pull the fabric tight and keep stapling. I literally stapled every other inch. If you come across the same scenario that I did where you’re stapling well above where the fabric meets the actual stool- don’t worry, you’ll just have to buy wider trim 🙂


photo 4

You can see that I’m about a half an inch above the frame. I actually added more staples after this photo. It’s my first time people. Flip the stool over and do the other long side the same exact way. Now you’ll just have the sides to deal with. For the sides, I pulled the right corner towards towards the left as tight as it with go and then stapled the bottom. This will give you a nice creased boxed edge. I then cut a big chunk of that excess fabric off. I did the same thing for the left corner, bringing it as far to the right as tightly as possible and stapling. Then cutting the excess fabric. Then I pulled the fabric from the middle down and continued stapling over the entire side.  Repeat for the opposite side.


2014-07-08 16.00.23


(you can see the boxed edge above for the short sides)

Since I have no idea how to use piping, I went the super easy route- trim. I had to staple about a 1/2 inch above the frame, so I went with a 1/2 inch trim. I happened to find the exact color match in the clearance bin at Michael’s for only $1.49 a yard. I literally just put glue on both the trim and fabric and just made my way around the stool. I folded the very end over and glued that down to make it a more finished end.

UPDATE: it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve completed this project and Nothing has come apart yet or fallen off!!


Living Room Fabrics

Construction is still at a stand still. I aimlessly walk around the house staring at the 2×4’s  and drywall trying to convince myself we’re not too far behind *sigh. Yeah right. In the meantime, I’m trying to move the needle the only way I know how; by peddling off anything we don’t need and to slowly purchase quality pieces and finished textiles. On that note! Take a look at some of the great textiles that will be visiting our living room:

Cotton Velvet Leopard:

This beauty is going to reupholster this slate blue bench (see below).

photo 1 (6)


I’m going to be painting the legs dark and adding casters from Lowes to cap off the horrible saw job I did. It’s funny the before and after of this space. Before.

photo 3

AFTER. We finally drilled so we could move that cord- thank god.

Alligatory Ivory:




Subtle texture. Soft sheen. Yummy. This rockstar fabric is going on my 70’s Eames style chair seen here:


I’m going to be painting the frame Benjamin Moore Onyx (inky brown) so it will really show off the ivory alligator. We have a slate room in the back of the house.

IMG_0867 IMG_0868

There isn’t anymore barn wood on the walls- we repurposed all of it for our barnwood island. We also had to remove our wood stove (mixed feelings on that). No one would insure the house with the wood stove without major renovations to this back room that would have eaten up 1/3 of our budget to a room no one uses and the children would be sleeping directly above it which I’m pretty sure I don’t think I would sleep a wink knowing there would be a live flame situation going on below them while we all slept. So we tore it out.  I have plans to remove the side exterior door (not pictured), concrete skim the floors and cover it with our tribal rug:


Paint the walls black. You can see the egg chair pictured- as my inspiration.




Linen Chinoisie Toile:



I found this awesome fabric on clearance at Joann’s of all places. I bought two 27″ inch ivory linen pillows from Christmas Tree Shop for only $9.99 a piece- which is crazy. I only needed 1 yard of this pretty fabric to cover one side of each pillow. These huge pillows are going to be so comfy on my couch.

Pictures to come next week!!

Random Thayer Updates

With summer in full force and the holiday- we’ve been enjoying the weather and spending as much time as possible outside. I’ve been slowly trying to get things done inside, but it hasn’t been a priority. To be honest just making sure the kids are bathed, the bottom of their feet and teeth are washed seems a chore in itself. I can share with you some small updates around the house…

Here’s a picture of our garden from two weeks ago; you wouldn’t even recognize it now- it’s massive and we’ve already harvested the lettuce and about to do it again.

photo 1 (1)

We were lucky for the first couple of weeks to have a front row seat to two mommy deer and three baby fawns galloping around our property. They actually didn’t touch the garden, so we decided not to fence it, and to wait until the local nurseries had their closeout sales and get some deer resistant plants and line the garden with them. Unfortunately, after a quick overnight visit away at a friends house we came home to all of our bean tops missing…so that expedited our original plan to put up a natural reed fence- see below.

photo 2 (1)


It’s not 100% completed yet- but it’s up. We will go in and line some bushes around it to softscape so it’s not such a heavy box, but it definitely is starting to feel like an English countryside around here.

I re-arranged the bookcases in the front- so much cleaner now. I need to carve out a larger hole to rewire everything so that you won’t see that cord. I’m also loving a simple pedestal table filled with large branches. So simple, but beautiful with the door open. I couldn’t wait for Mr. Manor to order the SOSS concealed hinges for the bookcase doors so if you look closely, the hinges, are actually exterior brass 1/4 inch door hinges. THIS IS NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION. Every time I have to open the doors, I have to kick the doors shut. But at least it looks so much cleaner all put back together again. I reused my Anthropologie glass knobs from our older home- in the Nursery. I think they look great.  You can see the base heater to the left of the door. Just after that heater is where the vestibule mudroom will be-eventually- so you will walk through the new entryway there- into the new tiny foyer- then into this space. I can’t wait.

photo 3

I got my canvas slipcovers back! So I will eventually do a post to this all on it’s own. I bought some very inexpensive Lowes drop cloths, soaked them in bleach for 2 days, and had my go to lady make slipcovers with a back tie/back pleat combo. She’s in the process of making one for the sofa as well. The upholstery is just taking such a beating from the kids sticky hands, and dirty feet, that I need something I can throw in the washer until they are older that I can reupholster. The curtains are a thin grey stripe that I bought for $14.99 for the pair from Ikea, that I needed to get a visual for my navy ticking strip before I invest in 44 yards of fabric. The pillows on the chair I bought at Goodwill for $2.99 a piece. They are a tan linen with an off white floral linen stitching. The stool in between is my fake thebes stool- I found in my garage- I had it in our old bathroom for the kids to brush their teeth. It actually works for right now.

photo 4

Lastly, a finishing touch of a console table behind the sofa…until then, I have my primitive pine desk. It’s awkward, because it’s waayyyyy too short, like 40 inches too short. I love the exposed hardwoods, but I’m also toying with adding a possible antique hide rug in the foyer area. You can see my daughter’s zebra rug peaking out when I was playing around.

photo 2

Little Miss’s headboard came back and I love it!! I bought the upholstered headboard with a generic girly pattern from Target- you can see it here. Since her new room ceiling’s are so low, I really wanted a headboard shape that was taller ‘point’ but was proportional. The one at Target was the cheapest I could find that had a shape that wasn’t cheap looking with the extra lower points on the sides since I want to keep drawing the eye up. I found this girly chinoiserie fabric that reminds me of Thibaut’s Enchantment fabric at a Thrift store for $20 for 5 yards

photo 1


As you can see the walls and ceiling aren’t done…but at least I’m collecting things to assemble once it finally is!

Room Redo

I’m switching things up this Friday- check out this beautiful room redo from Copy Cat Chic where she mimics the image below with her own online finds for only $1,345!





CCCroomredotemplate (1)

bed frame $299 / duvet $139 / lumbar pillow $30 blue/white pillow $45 / metal locker $349 / white side table $34 / rope light $118 / wooden bench $150 / hamper $89 /
rug $45 (3×5) / print $29 / blanket $15 / bowl $3

Pecast Cement Walkway Makeover

Check out this awesome deck and walkway makeover!! My brother did an amazing job tearing out an old sun room; building a petite deck for two and a grill while adding a beautiful quick cast cement patio area.  For about $16, you can purchase this cast from Lowes, along with some quick dry cement and put down your own patio!

STEP 1: An area was hand dug to the desired patio size including steps from the driveway.





STEP 2: A tarp was laid and gravel was poured….lots of gravel…

10383570_10202530921661940_6635951391750463316_n 10428005_10202530922061950_2107998232033310905_n

Gravel was evenly racked over the plastic.



STEP 3: Start demo on sun room…


10364079_10202562641694921_4966539321582315888_n 10394469_10202562638414839_2507927946731938886_n 10458648_10202562637094806_7824494165118908401_n


STEP 4: Flooring, posts and joists laid over existing concrete slab. Sheet rock laid on exterior wall.

10441108_10202562635494766_4276189753622794732_n 10311832_10202562636294786_784779111877552814_n


STEP 5: Trim excess off the sides.



STEP 6:  Begin to add railing and Airstone!

10359248_10202568081950924_90963119929862601_n 10468110_10202568082310933_8314109252791499333_n 10460524_10202568082430936_2372449694818334501_n


STEP 7: Finish railing and add steps/gate for the cutest bull dog puppy ever!




STEP 8: Tongue and groove paneling was added above the rock facade to cover the upper sheet rock.

10500251_10202622167983041_2494047354290865295_n 10456813_10202622168383051_7506094695266387615_n 1512625_10202622168583056_5253414203130567602_n

STEP 9:  Build Quickrete cement molds and place on top of gravel.



STEP 10: Add trim to finish off area.





STEP 11: Tape off area for painting!


10460320_10202622171743135_6235922772103051407_n 10348525_10202622185463478_1855778173206048506_n


STEP 12: Mark off areas for herb and flower garden.

10431461_10202622186583506_4624332823750761035_n 10440941_10202622186943515_1965165078059226945_n 10437793_10202622187183521_290573050436182374_n 10473115_10202622187343525_3785521559641309424_n 10463945_10202622188063543_4790873187783009988_n

STEP 13: Sweep gravel inbetween cement molds and add water to set. Then add patio furniture!

10479710_10202622188543555_3564161331119327781_n 10301590_10202622188743560_8557916696467677425_n 10500317_10202622189183571_1579742056620023983_n


My brother spent about 5 days from dawn to dusk working on this labor of love. It looks amazing in my opinion.

Forming tubes coming in a variety of shapes and sizes…check them out!




I’m a fan of that European Block Brick. Hmm…someone’s going to be playing around with cement in the future, and that someone is me!

A Gorgeous Home in Brazil

To honor the world cup, check out this gorgeous home of Fabrizio Rollo; described as an architect, designer and journalist. As the lifestyle editor for Harper’s Bazaar in Brazil and previous editor at Casa Vogue, Vogue Brazil and Men’s Vogue in Brazil, this guy has some serious talents, just don’t look him straight in the eye, he obviously is crazy and has unknown powers…just kidding.

















fabrizio-rollo-brazil-2014-habituallychic-003 fabrizio-rollo-brazil-2014-habituallychic-001