How to Recover a Stool

Look at me, I’m on a roll! Here’s a quick step by step on how to recover a stool.

Things You’ll Need:

– Staple Gun (I bought the ‘Heavy Duty’ on from Michaels, it came with staples, but I needed more because I messed up a lot)

– Fabric Glue

– Trim

– Fabric

– Scissors

– Stool



photo 3 (1)


(I bought this carved Lion Foot stool off Craigslist two years ago for $10. The fabric I bought from Goodwill for maybe $2.)

I measured the fabric to fall about an inch off the side of the stool. Choose a side that feels comfortable and lay the stool with that side facing up. TIP: push down on the stool sides and feel the construction underneath the existing fabric. You’ll be able to feel where there is wood, or a brace, or nothing at all. Obviously, staples won’t adhere to nothing, so you’ll know where to actually staple. I didn’t do this and just thought I would staple as close to the edge where the old fabric ended, but none of the staples would stick. I pressed down on the stool and realized that the structure didn’t have anything actually there. It was all a half cm above where I was stapling- which is why I stated I needed to buy my staples.

Pull the fabric tight and keep stapling. I literally stapled every other inch. If you come across the same scenario that I did where you’re stapling well above where the fabric meets the actual stool- don’t worry, you’ll just have to buy wider trim 🙂


photo 4

You can see that I’m about a half an inch above the frame. I actually added more staples after this photo. It’s my first time people. Flip the stool over and do the other long side the same exact way. Now you’ll just have the sides to deal with. For the sides, I pulled the right corner towards towards the left as tight as it with go and then stapled the bottom. This will give you a nice creased boxed edge. I then cut a big chunk of that excess fabric off. I did the same thing for the left corner, bringing it as far to the right as tightly as possible and stapling. Then cutting the excess fabric. Then I pulled the fabric from the middle down and continued stapling over the entire side.  Repeat for the opposite side.


2014-07-08 16.00.23


(you can see the boxed edge above for the short sides)

Since I have no idea how to use piping, I went the super easy route- trim. I had to staple about a 1/2 inch above the frame, so I went with a 1/2 inch trim. I happened to find the exact color match in the clearance bin at Michael’s for only $1.49 a yard. I literally just put glue on both the trim and fabric and just made my way around the stool. I folded the very end over and glued that down to make it a more finished end.

UPDATE: it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve completed this project and Nothing has come apart yet or fallen off!!



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