Living Room Fabrics

Construction is still at a stand still. I aimlessly walk around the house staring at the 2×4’s  and drywall trying to convince myself we’re not too far behind *sigh. Yeah right. In the meantime, I’m trying to move the needle the only way I know how; by peddling off anything we don’t need and to slowly purchase quality pieces and finished textiles. On that note! Take a look at some of the great textiles that will be visiting our living room:

Cotton Velvet Leopard:

This beauty is going to reupholster this slate blue bench (see below).

photo 1 (6)


I’m going to be painting the legs dark and adding casters from Lowes to cap off the horrible saw job I did. It’s funny the before and after of this space. Before.

photo 3

AFTER. We finally drilled so we could move that cord- thank god.

Alligatory Ivory:




Subtle texture. Soft sheen. Yummy. This rockstar fabric is going on my 70’s Eames style chair seen here:


I’m going to be painting the frame Benjamin Moore Onyx (inky brown) so it will really show off the ivory alligator. We have a slate room in the back of the house.

IMG_0867 IMG_0868

There isn’t anymore barn wood on the walls- we repurposed all of it for our barnwood island. We also had to remove our wood stove (mixed feelings on that). No one would insure the house with the wood stove without major renovations to this back room that would have eaten up 1/3 of our budget to a room no one uses and the children would be sleeping directly above it which I’m pretty sure I don’t think I would sleep a wink knowing there would be a live flame situation going on below them while we all slept. So we tore it out.  I have plans to remove the side exterior door (not pictured), concrete skim the floors and cover it with our tribal rug:


Paint the walls black. You can see the egg chair pictured- as my inspiration.




Linen Chinoisie Toile:



I found this awesome fabric on clearance at Joann’s of all places. I bought two 27″ inch ivory linen pillows from Christmas Tree Shop for only $9.99 a piece- which is crazy. I only needed 1 yard of this pretty fabric to cover one side of each pillow. These huge pillows are going to be so comfy on my couch.

Pictures to come next week!!


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