Random Thayer Updates

With summer in full force and the holiday- we’ve been enjoying the weather and spending as much time as possible outside. I’ve been slowly trying to get things done inside, but it hasn’t been a priority. To be honest just making sure the kids are bathed, the bottom of their feet and teeth are washed seems a chore in itself. I can share with you some small updates around the house…

Here’s a picture of our garden from two weeks ago; you wouldn’t even recognize it now- it’s massive and we’ve already harvested the lettuce and about to do it again.

photo 1 (1)

We were lucky for the first couple of weeks to have a front row seat to two mommy deer and three baby fawns galloping around our property. They actually didn’t touch the garden, so we decided not to fence it, and to wait until the local nurseries had their closeout sales and get some deer resistant plants and line the garden with them. Unfortunately, after a quick overnight visit away at a friends house we came home to all of our bean tops missing…so that expedited our original plan to put up a natural reed fence- see below.

photo 2 (1)


It’s not 100% completed yet- but it’s up. We will go in and line some bushes around it to softscape so it’s not such a heavy box, but it definitely is starting to feel like an English countryside around here.

I re-arranged the bookcases in the front- so much cleaner now. I need to carve out a larger hole to rewire everything so that you won’t see that cord. I’m also loving a simple pedestal table filled with large branches. So simple, but beautiful with the door open. I couldn’t wait for Mr. Manor to order the SOSS concealed hinges for the bookcase doors so if you look closely, the hinges, are actually exterior brass 1/4 inch door hinges. THIS IS NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION. Every time I have to open the doors, I have to kick the doors shut. But at least it looks so much cleaner all put back together again. I reused my Anthropologie glass knobs from our older home- in the Nursery. I think they look great.  You can see the base heater to the left of the door. Just after that heater is where the vestibule mudroom will be-eventually- so you will walk through the new entryway there- into the new tiny foyer- then into this space. I can’t wait.

photo 3

I got my canvas slipcovers back! So I will eventually do a post to this all on it’s own. I bought some very inexpensive Lowes drop cloths, soaked them in bleach for 2 days, and had my go to lady make slipcovers with a back tie/back pleat combo. She’s in the process of making one for the sofa as well. The upholstery is just taking such a beating from the kids sticky hands, and dirty feet, that I need something I can throw in the washer until they are older that I can reupholster. The curtains are a thin grey stripe that I bought for $14.99 for the pair from Ikea, that I needed to get a visual for my navy ticking strip before I invest in 44 yards of fabric. The pillows on the chair I bought at Goodwill for $2.99 a piece. They are a tan linen with an off white floral linen stitching. The stool in between is my fake thebes stool- I found in my garage- I had it in our old bathroom for the kids to brush their teeth. It actually works for right now.

photo 4

Lastly, a finishing touch of a console table behind the sofa…until then, I have my primitive pine desk. It’s awkward, because it’s waayyyyy too short, like 40 inches too short. I love the exposed hardwoods, but I’m also toying with adding a possible antique hide rug in the foyer area. You can see my daughter’s zebra rug peaking out when I was playing around.

photo 2

Little Miss’s headboard came back and I love it!! I bought the upholstered headboard with a generic girly pattern from Target- you can see it here. Since her new room ceiling’s are so low, I really wanted a headboard shape that was taller ‘point’ but was proportional. The one at Target was the cheapest I could find that had a shape that wasn’t cheap looking with the extra lower points on the sides since I want to keep drawing the eye up. I found this girly chinoiserie fabric that reminds me of Thibaut’s Enchantment fabric at a Thrift store for $20 for 5 yards

photo 1


As you can see the walls and ceiling aren’t done…but at least I’m collecting things to assemble once it finally is!


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