Inside Natural Curiousities

A famous trade source for art and furniture is Natural Curiosities. One of the most well known artists sold on the site is Paule Marrot.     [pm_fete]-3



There are many other moods, and variations of art like fossils, botanicals, florals, and animals…but regardless, it’s all stunning.


Natural Curiosities Los Angeles 6





Recently, they just published a look inside the actual Art House itself located out in LA. I always think it’s interesting to peak inside companies to see where the work is done, or actually meet the people that do the work.

IMG_6391 IMG_6387 IMG_6378 IMG_6375 IMG_6373 IMG_6371 IMG_6368 IMG_6366 IMG_6360 IMG_6359 IMG_6358 IMG_6355 IMG_6349 IMG_6341 IMG_6340 IMG_6338 IMG_6337 IMG_6332 IMG_6330 IMG_6328 IMG_6326 IMG_6322 IMG_6321 IMG_6318 IMG_6316 IMG_6310 IMG_6303 IMG_6301 IMG_6294 IMG_6291 IMG_6296 IMG_6290 IMG_6279 IMG_6299




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