Pecast Cement Walkway Makeover

Check out this awesome deck and walkway makeover!! My brother did an amazing job tearing out an old sun room; building a petite deck for two and a grill while adding a beautiful quick cast cement patio area.  For about $16, you can purchase this cast from Lowes, along with some quick dry cement and put down your own patio!

STEP 1: An area was hand dug to the desired patio size including steps from the driveway.





STEP 2: A tarp was laid and gravel was poured….lots of gravel…

10383570_10202530921661940_6635951391750463316_n 10428005_10202530922061950_2107998232033310905_n

Gravel was evenly racked over the plastic.



STEP 3: Start demo on sun room…


10364079_10202562641694921_4966539321582315888_n 10394469_10202562638414839_2507927946731938886_n 10458648_10202562637094806_7824494165118908401_n


STEP 4: Flooring, posts and joists laid over existing concrete slab. Sheet rock laid on exterior wall.

10441108_10202562635494766_4276189753622794732_n 10311832_10202562636294786_784779111877552814_n


STEP 5: Trim excess off the sides.



STEP 6:  Begin to add railing and Airstone!

10359248_10202568081950924_90963119929862601_n 10468110_10202568082310933_8314109252791499333_n 10460524_10202568082430936_2372449694818334501_n


STEP 7: Finish railing and add steps/gate for the cutest bull dog puppy ever!




STEP 8: Tongue and groove paneling was added above the rock facade to cover the upper sheet rock.

10500251_10202622167983041_2494047354290865295_n 10456813_10202622168383051_7506094695266387615_n 1512625_10202622168583056_5253414203130567602_n

STEP 9:  Build Quickrete cement molds and place on top of gravel.



STEP 10: Add trim to finish off area.





STEP 11: Tape off area for painting!


10460320_10202622171743135_6235922772103051407_n 10348525_10202622185463478_1855778173206048506_n


STEP 12: Mark off areas for herb and flower garden.

10431461_10202622186583506_4624332823750761035_n 10440941_10202622186943515_1965165078059226945_n 10437793_10202622187183521_290573050436182374_n 10473115_10202622187343525_3785521559641309424_n 10463945_10202622188063543_4790873187783009988_n

STEP 13: Sweep gravel inbetween cement molds and add water to set. Then add patio furniture!

10479710_10202622188543555_3564161331119327781_n 10301590_10202622188743560_8557916696467677425_n 10500317_10202622189183571_1579742056620023983_n


My brother spent about 5 days from dawn to dusk working on this labor of love. It looks amazing in my opinion.

Forming tubes coming in a variety of shapes and sizes…check them out!




I’m a fan of that European Block Brick. Hmm…someone’s going to be playing around with cement in the future, and that someone is me!


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