Thayer Manor Raised Garden

Finally! I mean, I’m very late to the party, but my garden is in. My sweet Mr. Manor finished my garden over the weekend, and I was able to plant my 1 (1)


One thing you’ll notice is the rope around…we have have some natural reeds for fencing:



What I would LOVE, would be to do a mixture of some hedges and shrubs with the front lined with living willows:

82 17 large_private-terrace 101 SONY DSC 25 2 willow fence harlow-carr-willow-fence 15 willow fence 1 timetravellinggardener 89 live willow fence 104 103 67  2 67 Enjoy_City


That’s a little too experienced for me. Oh well…Next to our garden, we’re slowly filling in our orchard with our new pear tree. ¬†Peaches and sugar maples will be next.


photo 2 (1)




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