Custom Iron Open Shelving in the Kitchen

The shelves are up! It’s been a long process, getting the corbels to tie in to our custom iron staircase (click here to see the stairs). If you remember my last post about the corbels (click here to catch up) they were just being welded.

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (2)


A couple things- I need to tweek the joint on the wall sconce so everything isn’t on the same plane. Also, we had a terrible time using the barn wood. There were so many nails in that they couldn’t be milled, so sanding them took off a ton of character which really made me upset. The upside is that they can be cleaned now which is important since our plates and glasses are going on there. I also wanted to remove some of the wood depth, but the wood wouldn’t lay flat if we did that, so they are a little more bulky than I wanted. Lastly, the overall stain after the clear coat does tie in with the floor, but I wish it tied in with the barnwood island. They’re not completed yet, they still need to have to tops put on them so they carry to the ceiling, but those won’t be completed until end of July. We decided to have them installed so we could use them until then- so I could at least unpack.

Just some tips if anyone is thinking of doing something like this- I would definitely not do an organic material left in a raw state as shelving. It’s too difficult to get just right. Also, make sure you block heavily inside the walls, and don’t rely on the just the studs.

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3 thoughts on “Custom Iron Open Shelving in the Kitchen

  1. Thanks for the tips. I also had this experience and it’s totally upset me. And you’re right as long as plates and other kitchen utensils are well organized.

  2. Yes, I do remember your last post and that awesome custom iron kitchen shelves update. I’ll definitely go through it one more time. I am glad that the finishing you’ve achieved after your most sincere efforts is simply flawless! I think I am now motivated to try something like this in my kitchen very soon! Thank you so much!

  3. Wow! Honestly, I was not expecting the end product to be something as fantastic as this! I can see in the pictures you’ve provided that your custom iron kitchen shelves are way smarter and more useful as compared to my stand alone shelving. Although they are also uniquely designed and equally decorative, they can never improve storage the same way as iron shelving. A great job!

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