French Inspired Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces have really kicked it up a notch! I’m talking hiring interior designers with insane talent! Check out LaV, this amazing Parisian restaurant in Austin- mohair, tear drop jug chandeliers, murals, fringed drapery…I’m taking notice…

10270468_293297764171735_6520570460878875211_n LaV_BStrick_2014_03_-125_800_1200_85_s-682x1024 LaV_BStrick_2014_03_-176_800_520_85_s LaV_2014_02_27-165_800_1097_85_s-746x1024 LaV_BStrick_2014_03_-104_800_542_85_s LaV_2014_02_27-277_800_1179_85_s-694x1024 LaV_BStrick_2014_03_-17_800_1164_85_s-703x1024 LaV_BStrick_2014_03_-93_800_525_85_s


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