Great Furniture Finds on a Dime

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  The weather was perfect, and the entire family was productive. I weeded some garden beds, while our neighbor friends rototilled out our poison ivy flower beds in the front to get ready for grass seed! I can’t wait!! All of the stumps were removed, but now we’re left with tons of wood chips, that I’m trying to spread out under trees to use as weed prevention. Our chickens were moved into the barn with our ducks, Webigail and Daisy…AND we finally started moving furniture inside…not to mention picking up a few new pieces.


First off the guest room- so yes these pictures are horrid- I’m so sorry- I literally was trying to get dinner ready, at almost 8pm, while kids were crying, so I apologize. But, huge improvement. The brown linen, pintucked curtains look great up here!! I also moved the small parlor chairs that are a cornflower blue zebra print with the fur pillows to create a sitting area. I HATE that table in betweetn them, but I didn’t have time to shove it somewhere else.

photo 4 photo 3

My boho mirror found it’s place up here, because we took the large full length mirror that was left at the house and had it cut to replace the bar cart glass in the living room. It looks awesome!

photo 2

The suzani throw looks beautiful with the carpet and wall color. I have one more, that’s slightly different. Remember, this is our bed in here, once we move it down stairs, there are two twin walnut poster beds that are going to go in here. The suzani throws will be on the foot of the beds.

photo 1

You can see our headboard- but I found this really cute round frame with a moth pinned inside on a light blue matte for only $2 at our local Savers. Love that store!

photo 5 photo 4 (1)

Still don’t know where our duvet covers are…

photo 3 (1)

Our little man’s room is coming along!! The brass bed is finally up. I decided that the headboard was just obnoxiously tall, so I put the throw over it to soften the height. To play off the light gray, and the bring some lightness into the room, I purchased this comforter from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s usually $89, but on sale for only $39.99! The sham is on sale too for only $9.99 from $29.99. I finally got a side table in here as well. I played with the idea of a desk, but then worried about the little guy climbing, so I opted for just a nightstand. Savers pulled through again with this vintage mod design for only $4.99 bought on a Monday for an extra 25% off. Everything on it was in storage. We also took out the curtains since the bed was so close to the wall, and thru up and woven blind. Now if I can just find a dresser…

photo 2 (1)

I’m in love with this mirror I picked up at Goodwill for only $7.99. I thought the wood tone would warm up the wallpapered half bath, but it was a little too ornate. I’ll find a home for this beauty.

photo 1 (1)


Last but not least, my new club chairs purchased off Craigslist for only $50! They are actually Hickory chairs custom made back in the day…pretty cool.  The scale and size are perfect in the room, they just need some TLC. I have them pretty far apart here, I would actually push them a little closer together, but they are sooo comfortable and in great condition.

I’m hunting down a beautiful mahogany oval mirror for the bathroom tonight, and I’m dying for this sofa table:


It’s white, powder coated steel, but the lines in it are awesome! It’s the perfect length to fit behind the sofa. Unfortunately….it’s mega pricey…So until it gets cut by at least 70%, I’ll just admire from afar…


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