Using Ikat Versus a Neutral

The debate continues. I finally got my samples in the mail from Lewis and Sheron Fabrics, and I’ve been taping them up and moving them all around the downstairs- trying them in different light.

This first pattern I liked- It is soft and a tad muted; but for some reason, it bored me.



I loved this pattern, but the overall color was just soo dark against the walls.



Yes, this pattern is crazy, but I just had to see it in person. It’s hard to see, but it’s an ikat/chevron and then in between it’s a very delicate floral. I actually would use this in a guest room with crisp white linens on the four poster beds…if we had another room to move into.


This is one of the last remaining samples on the walls. I’m not over the moon about the floral design, but the background ivory is perfect against the wall color, the ink blue is very subtle, but pretty. This is my neutral pic, so far. It reminds me of Queen Anne’s Lace.


I thought I would love this one, but it was the first one I threw out of the mix. It’s a watercolor, with the background being extremely white. The overall pattern is large, which I think the room really needs, but, overall, just too modern.




This is the other final contender. The pattern is a medium-sized ikat plaid. I find myself torn on this. I confess, I’m not the best with layering fabrics. I know the basics; that you can layer stripe, paisley, plaid, floral, ikat, tribal and a neutral- that you need balance with scale (small/medium and large patterns)…but how much and how little uggg I don’t know! This fabric background blends nicely, the blue color pops, and the light blue in the center is unexpected. It makes the room feel fresh and fun, but also a little loud- that is what is holding me back….I like the fresh and the fun, but I’m worried about the loud part. There’s one side of me that says go ahead, layer in some wood tones, and some acrylic, and once the fireplace is done in drywall, you’ll lose the brick work which is busy…ugggg…



The very first swatch up at the top is very loosely reminiscent of this plaid, so it keeps getting put back up on the wall. I’m trying to convince myself, that it’s a boring version of this plaid.

In other news, Mr. Manor and I are getting ready to dig out the storage unit…I found some saddle colored ‘leather’ ostrich fabric on Craigslist, that I plan on dropping off with my vintage Eames chair to the upholsterer!




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