Designer Spotlight: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

Aka- the greatest designer ever@! I just discovered her, and I am in love with her- literally. I think if I ever were to meet her, I would beg for her just take my home- just take it…I’d let her live in it for a couple years, and then I’d have to steal it back of course after she painstakingly curated it.  Her work- perfection. I literally have been stairing at her portfolio whispering things that make me sound like a lunatic to people that pass me by, because obviously I’m speaking to myself, and very low. I’m also saying things like, “yes” to my computer screen, and “my god” and “who.”

I also have to apologize, because there is going to be an insane amount of photos…juuusstt saying.

Foto17 Foto15 Foto09 Foto07 Foto06 Foto05 Foto02 Foto01 182 162 152 132 6 9967 063_MG_9599 171 141 131 122 102 091 042 023 11.proyecto25_vert-4bea9b59f0f79 04.proyecto25_hor-4bea9b6aa87cd 02.proyecto25_vert-4bea9a89491ec 17.proyecto18_vert-4ac1d4b7564dd 02.proyecto18_hor-4ab797f647a57 11.proyecto29_vert-4beafe58a4ac5 10.proyecto29_vert-4beafe1c8627d 09.proyecto29_vert-4beafdddcea27 08.proyecto29_vert-4beafdb4d6439 06.proyecto29_hor-4beafd7da0dbc 05.proyecto29_vert-4beafd13360c0 02.proyecto29_vert-4beafcd460023 09.proyecto6_hor 05.proyecto6_hor 11.proyecto28_hor 02.proyecto28_hor 12.proyecto27_hor 06.Casa-Somosaguas_2_hall 07.Casa-Somosaguas_6_comedor 18.037_MG_8194 16.069_MG_8414 14._MG_8427 09.047_MG_8222 04.005_MG_7984 015_MG_8593 19.Casa-Sotogrande_33_dormitorio 13.Casa-Sotogrande_27_comedor 03.Casa-Sotogrande_8_porche 09.Casa-Segovia_12_planchero 06.Casa-Segovia_7_bano 04.Casa-Segovia_6_salon 03.Casa-Segovia_5_salon 02.Casa-Segovia_4_salon 10.Casa-Ruisenada_29_dormitorio 06.Casa-Ruisenada_14_salon 20.Casa-Gstaad_24_cuarto-juegos 19.Casa-Gstaad_25_dormitorio 16.Casa-Gstaad_19_bano 14.Casa-Gstaad_23_dormitorio-ninos 13.Casa-Gstaad_22_dormitorio-ninos 12.Casa-Gstaad_16_bano 11.Casa-Gstaad_13_cocina 09.Casa-Gstaad_12_comedor 08.Casa-Gstaad_5_salon 07.Casa-Gstaad_4_salon 04.Casa-Gstaad_9_salon 03.Casa-Gstaad_3_hall 02.Casa-Gstaad_2_hall 15.Club-PH_18_salon 12.Club-PH_16_bar 10.Club-PH_13_salon 09.Club-PH_11_salon 06.Club-PH_9_salon 05.Club-PH_6_hall 01.Club-PH_3_hall 01.Casa-Gstaad_1_casa 01.Casa-Segovia_1_jardin 02.Casa-Somosaguas_3_salon 01.proyecto27_hor 01.proyecto29_hor-4beafcc10474b 01.proyecto18_hor-4a5cc44c2151b 01.proyecto25_hor-4d24b8a68c424 4 54 Casa-Aldeallana-House-Garden-26027-1024x677 114_MG_02341 isabellopezquesada biarritz outdoor 155_MG_93821 biarritz 2 isabel lopez quesada biarritz habitacion biarritz 1 (1) Isabellopezquesada biarritz isabellopezquesada biarritz sala isabellopezquesada biarritz cocina isabellopezquesada biarritz dining isabellopezquesada biarritz living isabellopezquesada biarritz living room


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