A New Living Room Layout

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a great new friend in the Rochester, NY area- designer Christy Kisha just relocated from NYC back here to be closer to her grand babies. We met on the off chance that I responded to her Craigslist add for her Restoration Hardware sofa, and we became fast friends! She’s been gracious enough to help me overcome the many obstacles I’ve been having with my living room.

Previously, my living room looked like this:

photo 2 (7)

photo 4 (4)

Changing the layout to something like this…


Sooo…yes- I am the worst rough sketch ‘artist’ ever- I already know that. We moved the couch so that it faces the fireplace. I redrew the fireplace to how we plan on resurfacing and adding the firewood storage on the right. We plan on using our light blue zebra striped chairs in our master, and adding some sofa chairs with more substance, perhaps an ottoman inbetween, a leather chair (or our Eames chair) to the right of the sofa for extra seating. I haven’t decided yet, but either a concrete planter or a wicker planter to the right of the right sofa chair with a plant- maybe a skinny floor lamp? I found a white laquer sofa table with heavy feet for behind the sofa. I’d love to put a wire stool underneath with one of my french baskets layer with tassled blankets. Lastly, we contemplated changing out my coffee table for a lucite one to open everything up, but I put my hammered silver, circle tray on it, and layered different height glass cylinders filled with votives, and it lifts the coffee table up tremendously! Stack some books and a tray with a plant, and it’s perfect!

I was able to score this awesome tribal rug that was much smaller than my current one at only $100 :00606_aDJsly4QhlD_600x450

There’s oranges, pinks, purples, and a lot of cream that’s a little ruddy that perfectly ties the couch in. Where it looks black, it’s actually ink blue.

For sofa chairs, I’m checking out these later tonight:


Obviously, not a great fabric, but they are a nice low chair, tufted and in great condition; matching- only $100 for the pair. This is sort of the look I’m trying to achieve:











Check out some of these furniture layouts:

img213 img214 img215 img210 img211

{fred gonsowski}


We’ll see how this goes…in other news, we’re starting to dig ourselves out of our boxes! A garage sales is in our very near future!!


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