Upstate New York Cabins

Mr. Manor and I were talking with a friend last weekend who asked us about July 4th plans. Friends getting together in the mountains or Upstate, or PA sharing a house, getting a boat, playing with fire and drinking sounds right up our alley. Living in Rochester, we live very close to the Finger Lakes (in addition to being on Lake Ontario). The Finger lakes are a group of small lakes very close to each other that are deep and long (like fingers…), that have tons of vineyards running up and down the hills and valleys.



Above you can see the Finger Lakes in comparison to Lake Ontario.





Being only 30 minutes away, a lot of people have summer cottages that they escape to on the weekends. We don’t (but are totally willing to be friends with anyone that does). I have a fantasy of one day buying a cottage and being able to stay the weekends, with the kids playing in the water- wearing large sunglasses and drinking champagne straight from the bottle as Mr. Manor drives our boat around- kids never fighting, just holding hands laughing and skipping to the water…sigh…a girl can dream can’t she. I’ve been admiring the Pearson Group for sometime, and love their work of extreme rusticity. In my fantasy they build/renovate FOR us, instead of us doing it, and of course it’s pro bono because we’re just so awesome. Here’s what I imagine our place to look like…

Lake_Upstate-1 Lake_Upstate-2 Lake_Upstate-3 Lake_Upstate-4 Lake_Upstate-5 Lake_Upstate-6 Lake_Upstate-7 Lake_Upstate-8 Lake_Upstate-9 Lake_Upstate-10


{pearson design group}

Character, waterfront with bi-fold doors, a table that seats 10 over looking the water, a bar that opens with a pulley system…someday.





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