Half Bath Wallpaper/Mudroom Update

Well we finally have the wallpaper up in our half bathroom. If you can remember, I laid out the details here. We have our Vendome Triple Sconce up that I scored from an auction for $21. Installing it was a trip in itself since no wall in our home is level or flat it seems. Now, we just need to add artwork, a mirror, some bathroom accessories and a new faucet. I’m thinking this one, which is made from the same company as our Kitchen faucet.

2014-05-06 07.44.56

The trim looks blue on the right, but it’s just from the flash. The ceiling was painted in Acadia White (BM) in flat and the trim is White Dove (BM).  I had originally purchased this mirror for the bathroom:

2013-10-03 13.04.13

However, its just waaayyy too big. I decided on a mirror with no borders to simplify everything.

As for the mudroom, the frame is up:

2014-05-06 07.45.40 2014-05-06 07.45.25

From the bottom picture you can see that the pantry is 85% complete. We ordering our concealed hinges this week from SOSS, and the shelves are installed. They are the White Dove, but only primed at the moment. We’re going to add flat trim to the outside of the shelves on the skinny spice closet to bulk up the shelves so they don’t appear so dinky and cheap. The doors are also painted. When we started building out the frame, we had decided not to take the cabinetry all the way to the wall due to the window being in the way. We had thought to use the small space to build either iron or barnwood shelves and house all of our glass jars with dry goods, but seeing the depth and the narrow access past the window, it would be really awkward everytime you would need to grab something. Also, once everything is built out, we would lose half the window, again awkward. After mulling it over, we decided to remove the window completely and take the cabinetry all the way to the wall. By doing this, we’ll actually gain a whole extra upper and lower cabinet. The lower cabinet, we plan on building out with shoe cubbies:

shoe cubby

For the upper cabinet, we plan on making storage for hampers.


The doors of the cabinet will be the same as the pantry, so it will essentially look like one long hallway of built-ins.

We’re also planning on adding a small rectangular window to gain back our natural light above the coat rack. Since this isn’t going to be our only mudroom (we’re not done taping and mudding in there yet), I’m hoping things won’t collect here more than they have to.

Something like this photo below:


Just the upper rectangle window with mullions.

We’re also adding a special track for the doors to the new pantry to allow you to open the doors and then slide them back. You can see this on the right cabinetry of the picture below:

cabinet door

After this is completed, we can finally move into getting our bedroom started.


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