Designer Spotlight: Ken Linsteadt

Ken Linsteadt is a conundrum as far as favored West Coast interior designers go. His work honestly is so broad, it’s hard to describe him other then traditional, clean lined, and simple. I say traditional only because the bulk of his work is, although there is a bit of his work that is pretty modern. I wouldn’t say that he takes many risks, but his attention to detail is stunning.

060504_P 0025 AEC- McDermott Residence-4

CalHD-Lindstead_Larkspur-0041 CalHD-Lindstead_Larkspur-0206 CalHD-Lindstead_Larkspur-0220 CalHD-Lindstead_Larkspur-0283 English 1 English 2 Eugene_001_w Eugene_028_w Eugene_080_w Fremont_16_w Fremont_23_w Fremont_37_w Seaweed 3 Seaweed 4 Seaweed 6 Seaweed 7 Seaweed 9 Seaweed 10 Seaweed 11 Stone Maison 5 Stone-Fullsa-0078_w Victorian 1 Victorian 2


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