A Much Needed Vacation

Mr. Manor and I are jetting off on vacation in a week and a half and I couldn’t be more excited. When planning this getaway, I was sort of sad that it was going to take place end of April when it was becoming so nice out, but GUESS WHAT! It snowed yesterday, so I’m over it. I’m excited to relax in a pool, and feel the sun on my extremely translucent skin. To argue over trivial things with my husband like how he should wear my SPF 50 and that I don’t look stupid in my over sized hat (if you haven’t caught on yet, I burn easily). Ahhh….so close to paradise I can almost taste it.



For all of you following my blog, you might have read about our financial woes the other day, so this would be confusing. Well, last year when Mr. Manor and I went on vacation with my company to the Dominican, they royally screwed up our contract. They fixed it, but it took almost a day and a half off everyone’s trip. To compensate, they gave all of us some vouchers to come back for free. So basically we just cashed in our vouchers, and had airline credits, so we’re not having to pay anything for this getaway. Otherwise it wouldn’t happen. Since I can only dream about shopping for new clothes, I’ll post what I would purchase if I could…


1. earrings  // 2. shorts // 3. necklace // 4. neon dress // 5. silk tee // 6. sandals // 7. bikini // 8. maxi dress // 9. boho tee // 10. wishful thinking // 11. one piece



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