How to Style a Brass Bed

I’m excited for my son’s brass bed to get here this weekend.  It will be so nice for his room to get organized. I feel so guilty with the other kid’s rooms pulled together, but my little guy just has his things piled in a corner and has to get changed in our room.

Styling a brass bed can be difficult. It’s a fine line between Golden Girls and a hospital bed. My rule of thumb is simple is always better. I would say only experts should attempt a bohemian approach with lots of layering. Don’t get me wrong; I think that style looks great when done right, but it’s really hard to get done right.  Simple white bedding with a great throw hung over the end, or folded into the bed, with a white duvet folded on the end on top looks the best. I’m not even a fan of tons of throw pillows in patterns; maybe one at the most. Be creative with piping, embroidery or trim.  Here are some examples of both simple and more complex approaches that were done the right way using vintage inspired brass beds.

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