Winged Ants versus Winged Termites

Things were starting to pick up at Thayer Manor, until dreaded tax time has reared its ugly head above our home…dun dun. I’ve been in a panic trying to get things sorted out, and it seems that the universe has sensed my stress and decided to hit us two additional times this week (they say it comes in threes). I came home to find an infestation of winged ants. DISGUSTING.


Above is a clear description, but let me warn you it is very hard to tell. I was actually in hysterics at one point thinking that our entire house was being eaten by termites and should just be burned to the ground…that was until my very patient husband painstakingly looked over one, and assured me it was an ant.

We’ve tried a bunch of home remedies, and now we’re on to Boric Acid…we’ll see how this goes. In addition to this little treat, our new dishwasher (6 months old), decided that it didn’t want to drain anymore. My poor husband had to wiggle down into the crawl space a bunch of times until we were able to hopefully fix the problem. It’s funny how as the sun comes out, you start to notice cracks, breaks, and the grime on everything inside and out.

To help curb some of my frustrations, my mother in law and I went antiquing. There’s a couple treasure troves back where she lives that are to die for.

photo 5 (1)

Over an acre of awesome planters, sculptures, Asian baskets, buckets, tables, chairs and benches.

photo 4 (1)

Tons of  folded tribal and kilim rugs. There was an orange and navy dhurrie bleaching in the sun that I wanted so badly, but my money has been promised to Uncle Sam.

photo 3 (1)

Tons of industrial lighting, woven pendants. In the background you can see a collection of barber brushes.

photo 2 (1)

Multiple rooms of dining vignettes.

photo 1

Was eyeing that old theater bench. I loved the wood beading details and that it didn’t come across too Victorian or religious.

photo 1 (1)

Radiator covers in the front; old German glass cloches in the back. Enamel lighting.

photo 3

Love this green bench for the side foyer. Has a bit of Asian flair, and BONUS, opens up for storage. Too bad my history here and running joke with my MIL is if I like it, it will be at least $1,200 or more, or it won’t have a price tag, and isn’t sold.

photo 5

View from the second floor balcony. Chaotic, but gorgeous!!

photo 4


The mod section has a huge collection of vintage lucite; obviously a naked mannequin with pretty realistic boobs. What I was trying to capture was the size of the neon dome light. It was huge!

I was trolling for some side tables for the dining room, but couldn’t stomach paying mega bucks for something, I’m sure I can find on Craigslist here or at some Estate sales this summer. Their art is always so-so, it’s their rugs, accessories, and large furniture that’s amazing. I feel in love with that orange kilim rug (5×10), a concrete dog statue, and this 4ft thai basket that I wanted to mount on my wall. I left with nothing, but at least it took my mind off things.

Our second stop, I did end up finding a vintage brass bed with really linear lines, and a rough spun neutral colored throw. My MIL and I decided that there was no way we could walk away from these two items that would look great in my son’s blue bedroom. I didn’t take any photos, but I’ll be sure to post some next week, when they get here and all set-up.


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