Wicker for Spring

All the stores are bringing out their wicker patio furniture, and it reminds me how much I love it regardless of season. Inside, outside- doesn’t matter. It’s a neutral like jute, and a great way to layer in texture. We have huge ones under our coffee tables to store blankets for watching movies; in closets to hold everything from medicine to towels…I’d even go as far as to put a plant in a big one, if I ever bought a live plant into the house that is.



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I prefer the timeless nature of wicker and metal storage options, but with all the rain we’ve been having, I couldn’t help put put together some colorful options!


ROW 1: Decorative Woven Storage Basket // Blue and White Basket // Bright Band 2 Handle Basket ROW 2: Snake Charmers Storage Baskets // Bolga Baskets // MAFFENS Basket ROW 3: African Senegalese Lidded Mini Storage Basket // Load Bearing Round Storage Bin ROW 4: Black Round Jute Bins // Round Belly Baskets (Set of 2) // Light House Braided Basket ROW 5: Blue Anansi Bolga Basket // Haute on the Range Basket // Yellow-White Stripe Laundry Hamper

{design crush}



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