Thayer Manor Kitchen Update

Our stove is finally fixed! If you can recall we had a little accident and it looked like this:

2014-03-09 18.38.11

Our new door was installed last week and it looks good as new. The last bit of the kitchen we need to finish are our open shelves. Mr. Manor cut out the drywall behind the sink before the backsplash was installed and reinforced where the shelves would go. We’re looking at symmetric iron shelves 28″ from the middle of the last outer cabinet going towards the sink. The shelves will go from the ceiling to about 6 inches above the countertop. I’ve seen some shelves that go all the way down to the countertop but stop before the ceiling:





remodelista kitchen fireplace


Floating options were a possibility, but since our kitchen is so narrow, I really wanted to emphasize height:









03-hbx-metal-open-shelving-1012-koty-lgn-38470248 6a00e54f926318883301910215e82d970c



So I circled back to our inspiration kitchen image:

veranda house of windsor kitchen


Not taking the shelves to the counter would give us the most counter space. Taking them to the ceiling would give us the most height. In the above photo you’ll notice that the shelves are completely metal. We decided to go with barn wood as our shelves to incorporate our kitchen island and to add some warmth to that wall since most of the stainless is against it. The design element still to be decided is the corbels or brackets that will tie the shelves off at the end. Scrolls are used above, but I feel that’s wayyy too feminine for our home. So time to talk brackets. I know the shelves themselves will be sort of thin, straight up and down. I’d love some curvature to the bracket to balance all of that out, but without coming off Victorian:




iron bracket





811ZK7ELZnL._SL1500_ 700_rustic-shelving-storage






{pinterest} {iron decor} {amazon}

The last image resonated the most with me, but I wanted to tie it into our stair railings as much as possible. We have a lamb’s tongue at the end of our stairs, and I thought that those loops are loosely based on that concept. I tried drawing out some options:



I think the top one might work the best. Incorporating a large and medium lamb’s tongue with a smaller opening than what we have on the stairs would be enough of a unique design element without it being a scroll, or too much. I’m waiting on the mock ups to come back before I make my final decision, but at least the shelves themselves will be done in about two weeks.


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