Designer Spotlight: Nelson Byrd Woltz

So today I’m taking a different perspective for designer spotlight series and taking a look at landscape architect Nelson Byrd Woltz. His firm is amazing! I was first introduced to his stuff through Architectural Digest Magazine from a residential perspective, but then from doing some research realized he’s been behind a ton of National exhibits as well: the Children’s Hospital of Philadephia, Flight 93 National Memorial, Orongo Station, UVA Dell, and the Hudson Yards.

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His Euro and Asian stylized work for large estates in the country is what really draws me in. He creates waterways, plant groupings, treescapes, retaining walls; you name it. It’s so organic, looking like it’s always been there, only enhancing the natural beauty of the property. Take a look for yourself!

willows pool nelson byrd woltz2 orchard nelson byrd woltz gated parking court 7 6 (1) 6 5 4 5 (1) 2 3 1




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