Turkish Tribal Rug in Review

It’s been three months since we got our 1920 Turkish tribal rug. I still love it and can’t compare it to anything I’ve seen out there that isn’t extremmmmmeellly pricey; because don’t get me wrong there are some gorgeous rugs out there that are to die for that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

rug1 rug2


I don’t know if it’s the long winter that we had this year or our pale yellow, english rolled arm sofa that I got on Craiglist (I secretly wish it was more of a neutral ivory), but something is just not pulling everything together. Granted there are lots of things in my living room not completed; the fireplace, baseboard trim, the gallery wall, end tables, lighting, and moving plugs. Not to mention that we still haven’t ordered our new concealed hinges so we can put our book case doors back on so all you see are toys….Everything just seems dark and heavy. I know people change out curtains between winter and summer months, but do people change out rugs haha?


If I didn’t have more important things to finish and to worry about I think I would. I’ve been eyeing this one from Overstock.




I love that it has a patina to it, that it’s wool, majority cream, but still has some soft pale yellows and some browns. I would definitely need to get two of these and sew together to fill the entire narrow living room if I were ever to go through with this. That would be such a dramatic difference from our current tribal rug that is about a 9×12 and is off centered in the room due to the stairs, and doesn’t cover any flooring near the built-ins. Since I would using the rug to go length of the room, I think it would alright to just sew end to end; especially since it’s such a light rug. There’s nothing worse than when people do this:


{decor chic}

Not very subtle, and very distracting.

I would swap out my navy blue chair covers for white ones, and then change out my heavy chocolate linen drapes for a soft billow cotton voile for the summertime. Maybe even bring in some brighter green accents…There’s always next summer.


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