Creative Ways to Conquer Kid Art

The older my kids get, the more creative their time seems to be spent at school. Let’s face it, they come home with at least 78 new drawings a day- ok maybe I’m exaggerating.  Good thing it was cold this winter and we needed help getting our fires going if you know what I mean, otherwise it would just pile up. Don’t judge! Honestly, what are you supposed to do with it all…Now that the playroom bathroom is completed, just needs to be photographed, the playroom itself just needs to be decorated. I’ve been looking into ways that I can conquer and display these projects before the good ones get stored, and the ‘other’ ones get ‘put away’.


childrens-art-display-playroom-lollyjane.com_-600x3731 fe145ef5ae88d2ec1927548bcbe95b55 04a7c20660f5676d1995c2839a3de434 21-Ways-to-Display-Kids-Artwork-Chalkboard-gallery-and-hanging-display-wire 21-Ways-to-Display-Kids-Artwork-two-DIY-frame-art-walls Clipboards-for-kids-art-21-Ways-to-Display-Kids-Artwork 21-Ways-to-Display-Kids-Artwork-Display-wall-with-repurposed-frames



I tried my own take on the last one the other day. Walmart was having a huge sale, and I found 9 black frames that I tried spray painting with Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint. Don’t do it, that’s all I have to say. I used almost the entire can, and I couldn’t even get a hairpin to stick. It wasn’t even worth charging my phone to take a photo for you. So now I’m stuck with these frames, so my options are:

1. Frame — sounds way too permanent

2. Buy galvanized sheet metal — I see dollar signs

3. Cork — sigh I don’t know


At any rate, it’s my baby’s birthday today! I’m actually more saddened by this than anything. They just get too big too fast.




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