Designer Spotlight: Lauren Liess

Lauren Liess has to be hands down one of my favorite designers! I’ve been following her stuff forever, as it’s morphed from her split level 70’s home in Virginia to now a larger contemporary that was just recently featured in Domino Magazine this month- FINALLY! I don’t have her knack for mixing neutral patterns, but I can fully appreciate the beauty in her laid back style. I take tons of tips from this one. Enjoy!!

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Liess Home a30b9169c27f9d83d0cbccd9da391cd2 c65a4d36c6a27b850c5538e88034f77c 5025f5ecd271910afbb4984bea3dfea7 0f15d89b5e7430bbcd33267b21191bd4 ab8001772efcff8c184dfc272a4fbf61 a1885537822b0b121fb4d141a3055fe4 bc637941c035ef8a26b4417074f5a33d 4745c61529f8a33de65c859f8729a684 0e716901a732948419d3886ac49bc3d7

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