Unusual Wall Hangings

Creating unique focal points in the kids bedrooms that are somewhat age appropriate, but consistent with the house is getting harder and harder. Artwork is getting boring, so I’m trying to mix things up a bit.


Flags are starting to pop-up framed,tacked, single or layered, it doesn’t matter. I think the more tattered, the better. The color and pattern lends itself like art, but with more dimension.






Monochromatic, colored, wool, nylon; there are so many ways this weaving technique can be done. You can hang it on a rod, or matte and frame them, whatever, but the effect is overall casual and totally interesting.



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I’m just going to come out and say this. I’m sure that a lot of ‘real’ interior designers and DYI interior designers will want my head, but I’m so sick so sunburst mirrors. I think they are completely tacky and dated. I HATE THEM. Even the natural looking ones look like they are trying to hard not to look exactly what they are which is a sunburst mirror. I urge people to just go with something timeless, or some interesting twist on a timeless shape. If you want to try something trendy, I’m seeing a lot of handheld mirror collections. At least these don’t seem so contrite.





I think in a bathroom, or a guest room this would be a pretty cool idea; especially if this was something you collected and wanted to display; minus the really creepy mannequin heads.


I’m debating using these in my own home. I love the texture of these, but I can’t decide where to use them, and if I would use them would I use the black ones with the brighter colors, or go the more muted route. I definitely recommend layer these with an L bracket to add extra dimension if you are going to do small clusters. If you plan on doing a massive wall, the uniformity of them all being the same depth would be interesting without layering.

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