Serena and Lily Sconces with Twin Beds

So in the room that our daughter is sleeping in currently, but will eventually be our sons room, we have twin beds. They were originally Ikea bunk beds, that we separated and spaced apart.


You can kind of see them together in the old house:



We kept the same bedding on each of the beds. The pink pillow and the large sham is actually an Anthropologie tablecloth I had made into a sham and matching baby blanket for our little Miss when she was a baby. The duvet is embroidered with a letter R for her name.


The top bunk is for our older son with the chartreuse accent pillow, and his sham is made of mustache fabric. His duvet is monogrammed with his initial. I couldn’t find any images of the sham fabric; I got it from Spoonflower, but it appears not to be available anymore.

The room is painted Sea Glass from Benjamin Moore. Here you can see it painted, but the lighting is terrible (sorry, babies were just getting up from their nap and were sick).



photo 1 (3)

I hope to replace the hand-me-down dresser with an this Ikea one, just because I know kids, and I don’t really want to put an antique piece in their room.



I’ll replace the knobs to make the piece look a little more unique, but otherwise, I’ve replace the lamps with a black architect one from Target:



And lastly, My Serena and Lily Sconces came in yesterday!! I purchased them when they were on sale and had Free Shipping.



Now…where to place them is my issue. Here is a wide view of the room (before the vents and trim were painted). You can see the ceiling protrudes out in places, but it’s symmetrical. Right now we have the beds to the right flanking the side window, so we could put the dresser to the left and open up the room. I’m debating whether or not to have the sconces above the beds closer to the window since they swing; however, it will really make things out of symmetry with a lot of weight on the left hand side due to the ceiling dropping. The other option is to have them come off the side wall. The third option is to move the beds and have them flank the middle window. The dresser would have to be on the opposite wall and that would make the room smaller, but more symmetrical. The sconces would go directly above each bed.

porch swing


Here are some inspirational photos:










The last image is my favorite, since it actually most closely resembles my direction for the room with the black ticking stripe, and the chartreuse green….I think I might just have to rearrange some furniture this weekend.


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