Growing Gardens

I have a small tree that grows outside my office window, and it’s slowly building some buds on it. With drywall dust collecting at my house, and my floors covered with mud, then snow, then mud, I dream of flowers and green space…We have tons of deer on our property, so some sort of fencing is a must. I know I want to do raised vegetable beds this year, but I love the idea of the fences covered in vines, or lined with boxwoods. I would love to tear out the stone patio and wood deck to put a large stamped concrete patio in. Add some trelis around our hideous propane tank with some beautiful boston ivy or wisteria. Lastly, we need to tear out some pine trees that block the majority of the view of the back pasture, but also hide some power lines. Privacy trees need to be planted in the back and side property lines along with some fruit trees just past the pasture for some shade.




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Sigh…will Spring ever come?


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