Matte Black Hex Tiles Grouted

So here’s what the tiles look like grouted:

2014-03-18 08.00.00


I went with a charcoal grout. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the grout color. I keep forgetting it dries lighter. I think the lighter shade makes the pattern stand out more, however, I sort of wish I would have gone one shade darker. C’est la vie.

You’ll notice in the background the new toliet is pulled up. We’re trying to get a plumber in to take a peak. We’ve replaced the toliet, but it’s leaking. Until it’s fixed, I won’t be able to style and do my final touches. I can show you my wire animals though.

2014-03-18 07.59.42


So cute! I need to get some patterned towels on them, and put my white painted wicker stool underneath. I also replaced the super ugly closet door handles with these pretty citron ones from Anthropologie.

2014-03-18 08.00.05


Still need to caulk almost everywhere (as you can see)…As soon as we get the toliet fixed, I’ll be able to finish my little project and post pics. In the meantime, work will continue this week as we start on our master bedroom!! We’re going to go forward with the plywood planks cut to match the plank floor in the rest of the first floor and then white washed. Drywall will need to go up everywhere…paint…there’s so much to do, but maybe, just maybe, by summer time…I’ll have something like this…





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