Black Matte Hex Tiles Reveal

So things have really been picking up around here. For one thing, we had our black matte hex tiles put into the playroom bathroom. Let me preference this by saying you could drop a golf ball (which we did by the way) in this bathroom and it would roll all the way out the door the floors were so bad. Thanks to my older brother, we were able to throw down the tile and top it off with some charcoal grout. It looks awesome! I’m so over looking at part of the floor being hardwoods, part of it subfloor, and carpet (whhhaaatt?) Instead, classic ‘white’ and black goodness.

Here are some progress shots; the grouted and final photos, I’ll post on Instagram tonight!

2014-03-15 17.47.01

2014-03-15 17.47.15 2014-03-16 09.52.15 2014-03-16 09.52.21 2014-03-16 09.52.05

So here’s the look that I’m going for in here:

playroom bathroom


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