Designer Spotlight: Kristen Panitch

Let me start out by saying if you are in to Interior Design you know Kristen Panitch…you might not think you do, buttttt you do. I’ve been introduced to this LA-based designer’s rooms many of times, but didn’t know her name for a while. Her stuff is just so good, like sick good. Her use of color and patterns is something I wish I could learn. And then texture and layering…gah.

kristin 20130604_PANITCH_BURLINGAME_008-R LATIMER  - RUSTIC CANYON latimer1 latimer3 latimer4 latimer8 latimer9 LATIMER  - RUSTIC CANYON LATIMER - THE WICKER LINE latimer11 f0b66113d5c811e6ad66e8136f3ef1ed d3d6fe22f9112e84112c584b9b815fd4 c9f20ce36e95e6c4bdb2f09775ebb8f1 a50119ae31a1376c6a0c3b2948b37f68 f3bef3b0c32e992c3f02b5774debad3e 6c74fab1a5acfb994e6a9b3aad0797b0 66f9fe7b6217cfe34dfd416d922273a2 99da35e319b9d2caefae26334d4ee1a1 3efa8f44d57e730fb824d2fcfd6a8c94 2d467a2d251b06473f2ad23247e6b773 2ba072a0dc95260e9393fcf3109b8443 0c98815282d38d89df662197bc919d33


{kristen panitch}


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