Designer Spotlight: Nina Farmer

It’s Friday! Things are finally happening over at Thayer Manor…the pantry is getting built-out, and the subway tile is going up as I ran the babies out the door today. Be sure to check out my Instagram feed this weekend, if you can’t wait until Monday for process shots. In the meantime, check out this amazing designer, Nina Farmer. It’s definitely more on the traditional side, but her attention to detail is just amazing!

kitchen2 New-Slide-3 New-Slide-4 New-Slide-5 New-Slide-6 New-Slide-10 New-Slide-11 New-Slide-13 P-Slide-4 P-Slide-6 P-Slide-6B P-Slide-7 P-Slide-8 P-Slide-12 P-Slide-13 P-Slide-15 P-Slide-17 P-Slide-19


{Nina Farmer}


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