Plywood Floors

Our good friend is coming in today-yay- to FINALLY finish the kitchen; stay tuned for lots of pictures. As soon as the kitchen is done, then we move on to our Master Bedroom. Since our Master Bedroom doesn’t have a sub floor we will have to yank the flooring up and lay one down. We’ve debated about reusing the original floor, but it would just be so time consuming. We’ve discussed using laminate since it’s really drafty most of the floor would be covered with tossed vintage area rugs anyways, BUT no decisions are made yet. I came across this post from Little Green Notebook about Plywood Floors…it makes you think.

Jenny used 1/2 inch thick plywood from Home Depot





4×8 Sheets (32 sq. ft) – not too shabby! After figuring out how many sheets she needed, she had them cut to 8″ planks lengthwise (exactly 6 planks for each sheet).




Each plank was sanded to remove spray painted markings or splinters on the plywood (HINT: change sanding pad every 3-4 planks).



Start at the longest, straightest wall you have, and focus on maintaining even spacing. Use a ruler or t-square to help.



To lay the wood down, squiggle Subfloor Liquid Nails using an oversized caulking gun (you’ll need dozens of these tubes).





Then place the plank down and step on it to spread the glue before nailing it down. Jenny used an angled finish nailer to do the job in every 8-10 inches along both sides of every plan. Don’t fill the nail holes in.



Use a couple of different saws to help with cutting. A miter saw was the easiest and most exact way to cut the planks shorter.

IMG_8966 IMG_1866 IMG_8989 IMG_1777 IMG_1861


The gap seen here is in between about 1/32″ and 1/8″ to give a lot of character.



Prime the planks (NOTE: Jenny cut hers with water for a washed look; I would go for a more white effect).



After the primer is down (2 coats seen here), Jenny just added Poly to seal. I would have painted them white to cover more, but that’s just for my use.

IMG_9126 IMG_9130


Poly drying looks yellowing, but when dry….



Beautiful lime washed plywood floors…makes me think trying to match the wood through the home is going to be too difficult, and doing something like this with a heavier white on the floor with area rugs is the way to go.


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