Hand Painted Cement Tiles

One of the design trends this year that I’ve been  on the fence about has been patterned tiles. I’m usually pretty good about weening out what is obviously a silly fad, and trying to invest in timeless pieces that I know I’ll never get sick of. As far as tiles go, I’m committed to subway tiles. This will be the second kitchen we’re using them in with antique white grout. We’ll also be using them in our Master Bathroom, with charcoal grout. I’ve even gone out of my comfort zone and ordered matte black hex tile for the playroom bathroom. Again, hex is timeless, and black and cream are timeless, so I can’t possibly be crazy. BUT patterns! Yikes. I’m not so sure.

Let me just state, all these photos are from Pinterest, so I can get that out of the way and go into detail.


Hand painted, and amazing. The colors on this tile are vibrant, crazy, and unexpected. If my daughter had her own bathroom, I would consider this if the walls were left cream, and everything was left cream…maybe some helio prints on the walls…


I’m bl0wn away by this image in general. The watercolor panels with the juxtaposition of the graphic cement tile, but I’m so over this pattern. If you haven’t seen this pattern, you must be living under a rock. It’s a show stopper, but I think it works best in very stark minimal designs. Check out this One King’s Lane Video of how you can fake it with paint:


These I love. Top left, that I would do. These happen to be French, cement tiles. Which are probably why they I like them. So understated, sophisticated and elegant at the same time.


This is sort of what I’m picturing for the guest bathroom, but just travertine on the main portion of the flooring, and MAYBE using the patterned in the actual shower. Instead of porthole mirrors, I have a demi, mirror.


Lastly, this floor is amazing. If I ever grew balls, I would use this in a heart beat. It’s a softer version of a geometric tile, but equally strong. The colors are bold, but are still neutral. I love how it’s paired with black chairs and the simple white linens. Simply beautiful.


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