Affordable Rug Options

As I’m slowly trying to piece together some of the finished spaces, I’ve been in the market for some affordable rugs. One of my favorite sources is Cost World Market {all the rugs pictured are on sale on their site; images were sourced directly}. There are none within driving distance from me, but they consistently have good sales that offer free shipping. If anyone from World Market is reading this COME TO ROCHESTER! I need some neutral pieces for the kids room and foyer off the side entrance.

striped rug


Black and White Dhurrie 8×10 = $199! plus free shipping. I actually have this rug in chartreuse, but it doesn’t seem to be offered anymore. I love it. We have it in our playroom. The beige is very neutral, no yellow tinges. The edges don’t curl even without a rug pad. I highly recommend this flat weave if you’re looking for a neutral graphic piece.


pink trellis


Pink and Orange Flat Woven 5×8 = $129.00. This is the one I’m debating for my daughter’s room. I have a zebra rug that I can’t decide if I want to layer on top of a flat weave or not. I’ll have to make this decision when we are closer to our reveal.


blue medallion


Blue Medallion Flat Weave 5×8 = $129.00. I love the tassels on this rug, and the rug itself looks almost like dyed jute. The colors are very neutral and the pattern is so soft, that you could definitely get away with this in a cream bedroom with an upholstered bed on top, or even a bathroom.

burlap kilm

Rust Kalamkari Rug 5×8 = $129.00. This image doesn’t do this rug justice. The base and tassels look very much like burlap. The border is lined in a chocolate brown, and pattern itself looks worn, antique, just beautiful.


blue geometric

Blue Diamond Natural 5×8 = $224.99 plus free shipping! The background is a creamy white with darker woven pieces to add dimension. The blue is beautiful in person. Although this one is more expensive than the others on sale, this one is stunning.


girls striped jute


Multicolored Jute  5×8 = $109.00. Ugg this rug is also perfect for my daughters room. There is a lot of cream mixed in which gives the stripes that texture. I love the bohemian vibe this rug gives off, while still being grounded. Just worried the 5×8 would be too big.

chartreuse chevron


Chartreuse and Charcoal Chevron 5×8 = $129.00. If I hadn’t already purchased a rug for the baby’s room, I’d jump on this. The chevron pattern is outlined in a charcoal. Although this is such a bold color, you could definitely do a dark grey wall, or in my case a slate blue wall with cream accents.

yellow ikat

Yellow Nira Flat Woven Rug 2.6×8 (runner) = $152.00 plus free shipping. I love this ikat pattern. I haven’t seen this rug in person, so I don’t know how bold that yellow is, but in the right space, this definitely could marry traditional and modern.

orange striped angle


Spice Avira 5×8 = $269.00 plus free shipping. Yes, this is expensive in my book, but that color is so rarely seen. I’m debating this for our older son’s room which is painted almost an army green, but with a tint of blue.

blue southwestern

Blue Striped Rug  5×7 = $224.00 plus free shipping! I’m really liking this one. The pattern feels like a cross between southwestern and tribal. If I wasn’t painting the side foyer a dark color, I would definitely pick this up in a runner.


I’ll be sharing my mood board for my daughter’s room shortly, so stay tuned!


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