Thinking Spring and Exteriors

Will this winter ever end? Our contractor couldn’t come out due to the hype of the impending storm this past weekend; soooo things are still at a standstill. I’ve sort of accepted it, and just try to finish the rooms that are completed. Otherwise, I think I would just go crazy.

One of the projects I have planned is to expand the front entrance. Right now, the house from the side looks traditional, yet interesting. The view of the house from the back is money. From the road, it needs work. The front door isn’t centered, and is very small. With the split roof lines, it makes the house look small and outdated; which we’re trying to fix…In order to save money, we’re not going to be changing the roof line, only redoing the front part of the roof.

photo 1

Here you can see the awkward space between the front door and the side windows. The odd way the roof jets out over the front door. It’s just so blah. I love our new home, and that it’s this traditional massive farmhouse. You would never know that driving by.

What I would like to do is create a portico that covers the entire distance from where the door is now to about 8 inches from the right window. I want it to extend just past the roof line to make this massive entrance- I’m thinking grandeur, European, BIG. I want clean straight lines. I’m not sure if I would add anything like lattice. I also like the idea of enclosing it to make a small tiled foyer. Can’t decide between a double door or a single door though…

39e727e33dcd9071074e16d6b5501f87 7f121fb75ada9f932c06ff433a72576d 9682ff9078f95b3bd2e324a1c4ecab88










ecf4aef04d3d591e56555d9ff97a865b clarksville gray body_texas leather trim_black door_charcoal roof

tim barber ltd architecture 02

front entrance image_thumb48

tim barber ltd architecture 01


Here’s a close up of some trees we took out that blocked any form of light coming into the house on the left side. We plan on taking out the bushes and small gardens that are riddled with poison ivy and planting a row of hydrangeas against the house. Clean and simple.

\photo 2

I would also layer the hydrangeas with tall grasses around the barn and garage to mix things up. Lastly, add Wisteria or Boston Ivy around the portico, and of course, up the exterior. Sort of like this.






Now if we can just get above 19 degrees….


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