China Details

I’ve had a totally new outlook on this house, knowing that this is our forever home. The silverware we use, the glasses, everything…One of the things we’ve started doing at home with the kids is tea-time. They love it. We have a little tea set for the kids, and I put everything on a tray after dinner, and we enjoy tea with scones or shortbread cookies. It’s soooo cute to see them pouring milk and stirring their tea. Mr. Manor and I have been just steeping tea in a mason jar because I didn’t actually own a teapot, and we’ve been using coffee mugs, until now.







Making the tiny details special, just creates a better environment. Famed blogger Eddie Ross is known for his many different collections of china, and his tablescapes.

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{eddie ross}

Enter Rosenthal Contintental Pattern #1936 Stardust.

493386910_tp 407e120b1726a8ef08926ee4b1429942

I just purchased a 72 piece- Rosenthal (German) china set. It’s this beautiful gold, and purple ombre. I’m still missing pieces, like the sugar bowl, and the creamer, but at least it’s a start. I purchased it from this amazing couple for only $100. The wife actually used to be a professional soccer player in Japan- hey you never know. Obviously, with kids, we can’t have them using this, but Mr. Manor and I enjoyed a few cups of tea in our new china last night, and it did feel a lot more special than a coffee mug or a mason jar.


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