Firewood Storage

It’s been brutally cold out, so I’ve been making sure that we make a fire in the living room every night. It’s so relaxing; the smell, the sound…what I can’t stand is the bark and debris EVERYWHERE. Mr. Manor and I’ve decided to keep the large scale of the fireplace, but instead of resurfacing it with concrete, we’re going to use the faux stone. Something along the lines of this:









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Just to add more dimension and interest to the house. It’s starting to look a little flat. Also, I think if we were to stick to concrete, it would be really cold looking. Remember our Fireplace looks like this:



It looks like it would go all the way to the ceiling, but it doesn’t. It just tapers off in this really odd way. So what we’re thinking is to the frame the fireplace all the way to the ceiling, and then add the faux stone and add a distressed barnwood beam as the mantle. To the right of the fireplace it is pretty narrow (only about a foot). We’re thinking about adding shelving floor to ceiling so that we can store firewood like this:







Just on one side though, since we have the TV on the other side. The other thing I’m considering is grout colors. I’m really liking the light color grout washed over the stone, but worried, that will mute everything out too much. Ahhhh decisions…


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