Getting Curtains Right

I’ve been trying to find curtains for my living room dining room forever! It’s not that I don’t appreciate the view of our property, but mainly because I’m sure our neighbors are sick of seeing what goes on in our household. The downstairs is shaping up, but it’s been a constant struggle with keeping it pulled together, but not too formal. I’ve been on the hunt for linen curtains, but Jesus those things are expensive. Even on Ebay you’re looking at $50 bucks a panel. I happened to score some great chocolate linen 95″ drapes from Bed Bath and Beyond on clearance for only $14.99 a panel!


I hung them up the other night with rings, but I’m thinking I need to expand my rod and hang them a little higher. I also am thinking that  I want to add a pleat detail at the top just so they look a little more uniform.




We have two bay windows, one in the dining room and one in the kitchen. I bought a couple shorter length curtain  panels and are having relaxed roman shades made something to this effect:






I hung up double conversion rods, but I’ve paired sheers behind the linen and looks awful. I’m going to have to replace them with just a single rod (1.25″) I think. Just have to decided between brass and rubbed bronze. Choices….

contemporary-curtains image_thumb106 image_thumb110 6f40009d3a4693b51eaa378555c43f10





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