Printed Wallpaper for a Small Bathroom

We have a very small half bathroom off our mudroom. Like teeny tiny. In fact, when you walk in you have to turn sideways in between the sink and the door just to shut it, to use the bathroom. With the tile finally set in the mudroom (porcelain slate) and everything painted cream. I’m craving some pattern.  My husband’s going to kill me, but I’ve decided to put up wallpaper after I just tore it all down.  I want a medium sized block print that will tie in the tribal theme,  but be soft and timeless at the same time…









I stumbled upon a Thibault’s Rinca wallpaper. It comes in a variety of colors, but I’m leaning towards aqua. Here’s what I’m thinking…



I scored that Vendome  Circa light at an auction for $20 and we currently have the pedastal sink. I’m just going to swap out the faucet for a more modern one seen here. I still need to buy the round tilt mirror and I have tons of art work I can swap out. Just need to repair the walls and order the wallpaper.


One thought on “Printed Wallpaper for a Small Bathroom

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