Dying Ikea Slipcovers

Keep in mind I have NEVER dyed anything in my life. I am completely impatient; hence why I am not the best baker, because I can’t take the time to properly measure anything. But I was committed, and I wanted to bring a little bit of color into the space. Indigo, is so beautiful, why not.








I chose to use Rit Dye from Michaels. They offer a color chart to help you with tons of different colors. I chose Blue #200 as my inspiration, but no luck. NO Michaels in my area carried this mysterious ‘Evening Blue.’




Second choice, which scared the living day lights out of me was Blue #215 under Blue-Green.




I followed the directions online with the 1 tbs Teal and 1/2 tsp Black and 1 Cup Water and then added 1 Cup Salt for the Cotton slipcover. Pre-soaked the slipcover in cold water first. Filled the washer machine with warm water to a small load. Poured the salt, dye mixture in and stirred. Tossed the slipcover in. I put in for an extra rinse cycle. John and Sherry from Young House Love did an additional wash after the extra rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent, so I thought why not. I dried the slipcover only slightly so it would be easier to put on the chair, and it came out…

Looking not so indigo.


photo (1)

I lived with it for a couple days. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t right…Remember our chandelier looks like this:



So I just kept thinking this pastel-y blue plus this crystal chandelier was looking too Victorian when I really just wanted this moody bohemian dining room.

I reread the directions on the bottle, versus the website directions and the bottle directions called for almost the entire bottle. WTF??! The website asked for tsps! So I thought let’s do this Harry Potter style. I’ll just throw stuff together and see what happens. I went to Michaels and bought bottles of Navy, Black and Teal. I put almost an entire bottle of Black, the ENTIRE bottle of Navy, and then 1/3 bottle of Teal. PERFECTO.

photo (2)

I’ll take better pics tomorrow 🙂 Til then, here’s my mood boards.

Presentation1 Presentation2


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