Switching Gears and Tables

So I know I promised you a kitchen post, but with renovations there are snags, and with the recent weather hiccups, our contractor couldn’t make his way down. So now we wait. In the mean time you might have seen in recent photos, that we’ve swapped out our dining room table to a round one. I LOVE farm tables. In fact, I fought hard to have long rectangular seating at our wedding. It’s just that casual European vibe that Mr. Manor and I have experienced that we just love. With the dining room being right off the kitchen and the island being rectangular it would just be block next to block, so I felt I really didn’t have a choice. I mean round can be casual right?







I knew I wanted a pedestal base and not one with legs so that people didn’t have to hit their legs, and one that could support multiple leafs for dinner parties. The other issue were chairs. Our old house had wicker chairs that were fine, but I wanted boxy slipcovers. Overall the wicker ones weren’t hold up well with kids. You can only imagine the types of things in between those fibers. I debated between captain’s chairs and then regular parsons, but then decided the space is so small, why not just keep it simple and have all the chairs be parsons.






The good news is that Rochester Craigslist is one of the best…and Toronto isn’t a bad drive for Ikea. I scored our dining room table for $200 which is a better looking spin off of this Restoration Model. It has a fatter base with more detail and can be modified to fit 15!


{Restoration Hardware}

From Ikea, I ended up just ordering four of the Hendriksdal  in Sand (keep in mind that this is like a light beige micro seude) and then 4 of the long slipcovers that go with them. Ikea has a family discount that you can sign up for and it’s free which gave me like $150 off the order total!




I’ll post tomorrow about how I dyed these long slipcovers a gorgeous Indigo.


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