Custom Iron Staircase

Iron stairs and staircases are showing up everywhere lately.








With our front stair case, it’s really short, simple, and has no presence. In fact, the built-ins, are more interesting.



Since the walls were going white and the trim was white, there wasn’t anyway to really make them pop without going with a different color or changing materials. So we decided on going with an iron railing and balustrades. It seems lots of people are doing them these days. I figure it will be enough of a contrast to make the stairs special. So I commissioned a great metal artist named Mark Moore locally to make them for me. He’s amazing to work with and actually lives right around the corner from us. It took some time about 4-6 weeks, but totally worth it. There’s a lot that goes into the design that I never would of thought of, and he’s willing to provide options to help with your budget. I wanted to make sure that they looked NOTHING like rod iron you could get from a hardware store, so we talked about different patina finishes. Ultimately, I decided to have them lightly sanded, but to keep them raw with a wax so they will develop their patina naturally over time instead of with acid or with a powder coat. Once either of those finishes go on there’s no going back and then they are sealed. I figure this way it would be more natural and authentic. He’s going to be creating our custom iron open shelving in our kitchen that will flank the sink and sit over the subway tile. The back wall gets torn open this weekend for blocking, but at least it will be patched and subway tile will be up with my new Hudson Valley task lamp!



I’ll post the final install photos in my instagram tonight! Next week, I’ll be posting about the kitchen backsplash.




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