Pendant Lights for a Kitchen Island

Finding pendant lights for your kitchen island might be fun for some, but was really stressful for me. I wanted something understated, sort of industrial, but timeless also. It had to be glass, because there was no way I wanted to obstruct the best view in the house. But would it be a single three light fixture, separate pendants, round, bell shaped, school house, ahhhhh just too many choices. I mean everyone’s choices always look perfect and super expensive.







After four purchased and returned light fixtures, I can tell you trial and error is the slowest process, but gave me the peace of mind I needed. I ended up using Restoration Hardware’s Ribbed Glass Filament 14″. With 20% from their recent sale, I only bought two they were $200 a piece. Not bad.



{restoration hardware}


Finished product looks amazing…but be warned: their upper light plate doesn’t cover a standard blue socket box. From certain angles you can see the blue peaking out. I’m going to have to paint the blue box to hide it.

pendants pendant lights

Like my chandelier?! They are alternating acrylic and glass panels. You can see the etched ferns on the glass. An awesome craigslist find for $50!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Stay tuned for my custom steel staircase…


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