Appliances for a Rustic Kitchen

Choosing appliances is extremely stressful because they are just so expensive. It’s not some little thing you can just ship back if you don’t like it and they all have little nuisances that take time to get use too. Since we didn’t end up using the existing cabinets due to dry rot; we could purchase cabinets that could give us the biggest stove possible since Mr. Manor and I are both really into cooking. However, 36″ was the biggest we could go without seriously worrying me about storage space since we weren’t using the uppers. Here’s the other kicker…no gas lines in the area would mean that we would need to get one of those 3ft tall ugly propane tanks near the house. I weighed the pros and cons and there just really isn’t anything like cooking on gas. I figure in the spring, I can build an arbor around it and hide it with ivy. Just to give you some perspective this thing is huge:

tank tank2

Nasty right?! I’m hoping to put an arbor behind it and then build a pergola in front with removable side panels so that the gas company has easy access. We’ll see how that goes this summer.

Once we knew we could get a gas line, next comes shopping. I’m not huge on big fridges. I feel that people tend to pile them up, not know what they have, and then end up throwing food away. In my family I try to cook from scratch at least 5 times a week. I stock up the fridge/freezer and then try not to go grocery shopping until its almost bare…and I mean bare. Mr. Manor and I also had a bottom freezer, which is so much more functional then a side freezer. We also don’t get a water dispenser. I don’t like the way the look and I’m so impatient I’d rather just pour a glass of water out of a Brita that takes one second than to wait for my glass to fill up.

Sooo…we settled on the Whirlpool Gold 21.9 inch bottom freezer seen here. What I do like about it is all the reasons I stated before. It’s one door, it’s a bottom freezer and its small. What I don’t like is that I wanted to change out the handle and you can actually buy stainless steel side panels to cover up the black, BUT they don’t sell them for this model. If I would have done my homework, I probably would have gone with a model that did.

installed countertop

In this picture you can see the black sides. The handles that most fridges come with are bows, but for about $100 or less if you find them on ebay, you can get a straighter version like this:



There was a huge sale going on at Lowes, so I ended up just matching the dishwasher to the fridge and went with a Whirlpool Gold as well. For both we ended up paying just under $1150.

The stove was another story. In our old home we had this:


{the heart and humor of being human}

The Frigidaire Professional 32″ is an amazing stove! I loved it. You literally type in what temperature and then press START. That stove had to stay with the new buyers, so we had to purchase a new stove. Since we now had a propane tank, we had to purchase a stove with a LP Conversion Kit (Liquid Propane) and it had to be 36″ inches. Tall order. We found a ton of brand name stoves on ebay that I had NEVER heard of which made me extremely nervous. I read tons of reviews, some good, some bad, some didn’t have any. Which lead us to buy this:



The Smeg C36GGXU. I loved how streamlined it was, it had great reviews, we could get it in a hurry, and it came with an LP kit. Did I mention it comes with a Wok burner attachment?! So cool.

smeg arrived

I’ve been cooking on this baby for about 2 months and I still have mixed reviews, but honestly, I think it’s because I was spoiled by the Frigidaire.  I don’t like that there is this child lock on the oven racks that in order to pull the oven racks out you have to pull hard (I mean yank) to have the rack go under this little safety divet. I mean what parent hasn’t taught their kid that the oven is hot, or its a no-no. The manual says it’s to prevent the racks from unintentionally falling out or being pulled out and then someone getting hurt. Stupid. Another thing I don’t like is that the oven is dual power (you choose if you want to use electricity or gas- I like this), but if you use the electric, the light comes on and stays on. Besides those things, I don’t really have any other complaints. I grew up in a home with seriously 60″ Vulcan that was bought from a bakery. It’s just taking some time to get used to the ‘commercial’ aspect of this thing.

Here’s everything put together…

just kidding

Just kidding…


We still have the paper on there until we are done painting and tiling.


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