Marble Countertops Installed and Revealed

After 5 install dates with no shows and endless excuses, we finally had our countertops installed and they are beautiful!install

installed countertop2

installed countertop

The marble was honed so it’s matte, but still reflective. The corners were rounded just slightly so they still maintain a rectangle shape. The sink basin was rounded out. The island has a 6 inch overhang, which isn’t a lot. Ideally, a kitchen island should have 7-10 inches for people to be able to sit comfortably, but you can see we have that bay window directly behind the island which made it really difficult.  Overall, I’m in love. Even Mr. Manor laid on top of the island and rubbed his face on the stone. It’s more prep space than we’ve ever had and it just feels so perfect for the space.

You’ll notice that the cabinets are painted and the drawer fronts are on. We’ve even got the faucet, sink and hardware up. In our kitchen, although small, I wanted to mix metals. With everything so symmetrical, I thought it would look too ‘planned’ if everything was the same finish. The drawer hardware is called ‘distressed champagne’ which is in between a brass and nickle. I found options at both Home Depot and Lowes. I decided to go with these knobs on the cabinets:

cabinet knobs

found here {currently out of stock, but were on sale for only $1.89 people!}

I went with these 5 inch pulls on all drawers regardless of drawer size:

cabinet pulls

found here {Lowes has 3 inch version that was on sale for $3.00, but currently out of stock)

I also searched high and low for a bridge faucet that was on the more modern side. I had a bridge faucet in my previous kitchen which I loved, but it was a traditional bridge with the ridges, and I knew with the look I was going for, I needed something more streamlined.


bridge faucet


But of course with my taste, anything along those lines are $600+ With our budget, there is no way a faucet would warrant that sort of spend. Then came this baby! The littlest Manor baby was terrorizing Lowes and I found exactly what I was looking for under $150. I also have always been a fan of single basin sinks (better to pile the dishes in the sink before they go in the dishwasher). Always look for a high gauge stainless steel. I scored this one from which was by far the cheapest I could find.

installed countertop3

Stay tuned for my appliance post tomorrow!


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