Building a Kitchen and Kitchen Island

Things have been progressing slowly and surely over here. With counter tops commissioned, it’s time to build the kitchen. With views like this:

photo (1) IMG_0883

I knew I had to have a kitchen island to drink my morning coffee and stare at every morning. First things first, was that we needed to keep the existing bottom cabinets and rearrange to save money. The rest of the cabinets we could use to make our kitchen island. Our main bank of cabinets were going to be changed to the following config:

ktichen layout

Very linear, but keeping the pipe placement the same, but swapping where the stove is, removing the elbow one the right side of the kitchen, removing walls on either side, and placing the fridge on the left side instead of after the right elbow of cabinets. The dishwasher we would remove and house in the kitchen island along with the microwave which would be hidden behind a cabinet door. The stove we would have to run a gas line. AND by ‘have to’ I mean HAVE TO. There was no way I was going to live years in this home cooking on an electric stove. So as we painstakingly started to remove the cabinets to rearrange, we ran into this:


OF COURSE. Dry rot. Looks like the dishwasher must have have been leaking forever. There was no saving the cabinets they literally crumbled. Good thing Home Depot was having a sale on cabinets and Mr. Manor is a vet so we get an additional 10% off. Meet new cabinets:

cabinetsmain2 cabinetsmain

With cabinets in place, we hired a carpenter to build our island since we couldn’t use any of the prior cabinets. I wanted to work with the house aesthetics: rustic, but modern. I loved how Lauren Liess tackled hers.

photo (61)

{Lauren Liess}

We actually had tons of barn wood used as wainscotting in another room, so this would be a great way to recycle materials. Here are some more inspiration photos:

wood kitchen island

kitchen island

kitchen island2

kitchen island3


And so it begins…

island4 island3 island2 island

Keep in mind the room is definitely not painted.


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