And We Got Married

So my husband and I were married three years, and then we got married again this October. Mr. Manor and I have known each other since I have been 14, and we’ve been together off an on for years…he was in the military, toured Iraq, I went to college, and then after years, we found each other again. We went to the justice of the peace when I was 8 months pregnant and found a lovely woman named Betsy to be our witness, and we got married January 6th, just the two well technically baby makes three. My family was upset that they weren’t there, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It was just about us as it should be, but we promised we’d throw a big sha-bang when we could.

SOOO, of course, when we’re in the middle of renovating, that seemed like a great time to do it! So, our three kids, and over a hundred of our close friends and family partied it up in October to our version of a rustic fairy tale wedding!


I rented 30 foot ivory sheer drapes at 200% fullness and my dad (love you!) hung them on either side of the see through stone fireplace that you can see on the left hand side. That’s where we had the ceremony. The reception was on the right. That way it’s an easy transition for everyone to go straight into cocktail hour.

We actually had everyone get a glass of champagne while they sat down for the ceremony, because I always wished I had a drink during the ceremony. Everyone loved that. We doubled up buffet (28″) tables with white linens, burlap runners, gold chargers, with navy napkins that hung down. We had menus that mimicked the invites sit on the chargers. My brothers created the name card holders that actually said what the guests main courses chosen were.

Centerpieces were cascading and held berries, ferns, artichokes, etc.

995488_10153250039950398_1679091554_n 1231689_10153250039015398_832864340_n1274023_10153250039345398_557203601_o 1274646_10153250040275398_1393067872_o

Table numbers were in binary code since my husband is a software engineer.


Couldn’t take the hair anymore; it had to go up…and then we just all had to get down…

1240319_748732587433_927787115_n 1383633_748728645333_911124144_n


I wore bangles from all the important women in my life. My earrings were Alexis Bittar.


And yes, she’s doing the robot.

574654_748731679253_1468870834_n 1381316_748730356903_1907092992_n

That’s not real lol. We had some extra extensions.

1374877_748729982653_514504395_n 1383392_748729608403_1646708534_n

Our lemon drop ice luge.


Our cake was vanilla lavender with a navy ombre center because of my famous vanilla lavender shortbread cookies.


My favorite ladies.


Close-up of the center pieces. The majority were plants, some edible (kale, and artichoke) so it kept the cost wayyy down.


stole borrowed many paint chips in ombre color schemes of green, purples and blues from Home Depot and the bought a stamp punch from Michaels for our table numbers. With a gold pen and some leftover yarn, I think the total cost was $4 for this.

The after party was at the hotel bar, where they had a live band playing James Taylor and the Doors with patio doors opened up to bon fires. I loved my dress so much I wore it the entire time.

I loved both my weddings, now we have to figure out which anniversary date we keep.


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