Realistic Inspiration

After looking at roughly 15 houses, there was just something about this one’s potential that struck me as a must! First off, the location. It’s located on a rural road on a hill that’s only a half mile from a main road that has everything a girl could need; dry cleaners, Wegmans, Panera Bread, multiple liquor stores and a winery. On the other side of the hill off the rural road, is another commercial sector of town with a great mall, awesome restaurants, and the thru-way. Perfect!

When you are actually on the property, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but in 5 minutes or less I can be eating at an amazing restaurant, shopping, or grabbing dinner on my way home.

The home itself has amazing bones. First off, the original wide plank pine floors are amaze-balls. Yes, some are in awful shape, but those are mostly in the bedrooms, and I’ll just put a bed over them.

The rooms itself are small, but the layout just flows so organically. There are lots of windows (all but 8 are new), so you have tons of views of the property, and the wild cherry and apple trees. The back section of the roof was 6 months old, the furnace was new (although its oil in the old part of the home) and the new part of the house has electric. The house gets private electricity so it costs all of $75 a month to heat this monster.

There are 5 bedrooms, but in the old section of the house (1856) there was an extra living room and extra kitchen. I immediately thought- first floor master!! As a plus, the extra living room has an amazing stone fireplace. The thought of curling up with my hubby in our bed in front of a fire was just too much to handle. The extra kitchen is right off the living room, and since it already has plumbing, it made sense to convert to a massive bathroom.

Sooo- here are my crude blueprints of the home pre- construction:

downstairs pre


And the post-construction plans:


No proposed changes to the upstairs. So as you can see; we are going to take away 3/4 exterior doors, remove some walls, scale back the living room fireplace, and create a longer pantry wall to house the washer and dryer. I figured as a working mom, when I have the few minutes to do house work, it really only involves: cooking, and laundry, so why not make them a few steps from each other.

Now for my vision of the home:














                                                   {all photos are from pinterest}

Eclectic, timeless, interesting…let’s see what happens.


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